Virtual IT Maintenance

Virtual IT Maintenance

Virtual IT Maintenance

With Aveno Networks as your managed services partner, you can count on us to diligently monitor your network, server, storage, and backup. Our cost effective resources provide you with premiere solutions structured to fit your needs. Let us help you increase efficiency and lower costs so you can get back to business. 

>Manage day-day documented storage allocations

>On-call support

>Firmware maintenance and Monitoring

>Reporting and documentation

>OS Installation & Configuration

>Application Installation & Configuration such as Outlook, Office & other desktop applications

>Antivirus & Security

>LAN/WAN monitoring

>Unix and Windows OS Installation & Configuration

>Patch Management

>On call support

>Application installs and Filesystem Management

>Backup Scheduling

>Backup Monitoring

>Agent installs

>On call support

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