Service Management

Service Management

Service Management

Aveno Networks has a series of documents defining a framework of best practice approaches that facilitate delivery and management of high quality information technology (IT) services. Aligned with the international standard, ISO20000, they outline an extensive set of management procedures that support businesses in achieving financial quality and value in IT operations.

The benefits of implementing service management processes in your organization include:

> Enhanced IT services through the use of proven best practices

> Increased service availability, leading to reduced reactive activity (firefighting)

> Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to


service delivery


> Development of standards and guidance


> Increased productivity

> Improved use of skills and experience

> Improved delivery of third-party services through the specification of service management

Successful implementation of service management requires collaboration, facilitation, team building and administrative support – areas in which Aveno Networks excels.

We’re experts at guiding organizations through change.  We enable and optimize assessment, planning, and implementation of service management best practices. We can replace multiple processes – or no process at all – with the right framework and then help implement a more customer-oriented and business-oriented approach that focuses less on product and more on providing high-quality, efficient IT services.

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