Services and Solutions

Our Technology consulting services are designed to assist small and mid-size organizations to leverage the power of automated solutions to foster business growth and enhance operations.

Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions


Our Technology consulting services are designed to assist small and mid-size organizations to leverage the power of automated solutions to foster business growth and enhance operations. Technology is a critical tool that assists growing and mature organizations in maximizing business success and achieving their strategic goals. Aveno Networks consultants from our accounting and consulting group assist clients in addressing their current and future technology needs. Our IT consultants provide services to a wide variety of companies in any and every industry from nonprofits to manufacturing and construction.  The objective of our time with your company is to assist in aligning an information technology strategy with its strategic business strategy.  Achieving this objective is a continuous process requiring the constant communication and collaboration between Aveno Networks and your management team.  We will work with you to implement an information technology framework for your business that you can leverage continually as your company grows and modify as conditions require.

customer relations

our customer relations solutions enable a unified vision of multi-channel contact relations with your customers for customer communications services that will set you apart from your competitors

experts in industry

At Aveno, we recognize that no one can effectively deliver everything to everyone. Through a narrow focus on specific industry and process segments, we help you solve tough business issues using the latest technologies to meet your strategic business objectives and enhance your profitability. Through our industry-specific management consulting expertise, we can help you develop and execute business strategies based on the clear and consistent understanding of what has or will work.

return on investment

Aveno delivers efficiency and investment return to clients around the globe. Our solutions include business process reengineering, lifecycle and supply chain management, strategic consulting, systems integration, outsourcing services and new product introductions.


Account management

Working with Aveno Networks is more than just making a purchase. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide account management services to supplement the systems you have chosen for your educational establishment. We do our very best to ensure you're happy with your purchase, fully trained in its use and that you're able to make the most of its potential  Your dedicated Aveno Networks Consultant will already know you and understand your needs, and they will always be available to visit your site to provide the following.

A snapshot of our services. We can always...

  • Provide free, unlimited product training as required, for any of your team
  • Act as an ongoing adviser, ensuring you're empowered with the knowledge and skills to use your equipment to best effect.
  • Audit any of your other audio visual equipment, advising on its performance and if appropriate, providing alternatives
  • Keep you updated on the latest in education technology - via our email communications and on the phone
  • Arrange trials of other equipment before you commit to buy.



Project management



A flexible engagement model to accompany you in your large and complex projects, leveraging and directing the standard capabilities and third parties.  We are very well positioned to help you address your critical business needs, such as the successful execution of large telphony projects, infrastructure projects, staffing, and complete business processing.

10 reasons to take the project management route

> overall costs

> reduce your cost and risk structure

>focusing on your business

> committing to solutions

> having a single point of contact

> redefining quality standards

> achieving better management

> implementing change 

> implementing new technologies faster

> standardising your infrastructure

10 golden rules for success

> set the right objectives

> allocate sufficient resources

> assess the baseline of your spending

> set the right goals

> allocate resources with true knowledge

> properly assess the known risks

> incremental roll-out or shotgun?

> be open to adapt

> timely take a right or left decision

> have a clear vision

Virtual it maintenance

With Aveno Networks as your managed services partner, you can count on us to diligently monitor your network, server, storage, and backup. Our cost effective resources provide you with premiere solutions structured to fit your needs. Let us help you increase efficiency and lower costs so you can get back to business. 

> Manage day-day documented storage allocations

> On-call support

> Firmware maintenance and Monitoring

> Reporting and documentation

> OS Installation & Configuration

> Application Installation & Configuration such as Outlook, Office & other desktop applications

> Antivirus & Security

> LAN/WAN monitoring

> Unix and Windows OS Installation & Configuration

> Patch Management

> On call support

> Application installs and Filesystem Management

> Backup Scheduling

> Backup Monitoring

> Agent installs

> On call support

    Onsite it staffing

    Wtih all of the Virtual it staffing included, Our high-volume outsourced workforce management programs leverage our proprietary technology, centralized services and a precision recruiting process to deliver operational excellence and maximum ROI. While the typical branch-based staffing model prioritizes your operation instead of making you a priority, Staff Management | Aveno Networks takes the opposite approach by embedding a dedicated onsite team at your facility and supporting that team to the fullest.  When you outsource your workforce management program through Staff Management | Aveno Networks, a dedicated team works from within your facility to remain fully immersed in your work environment. The onsite team’s sole focus is aligning staffing needs and performance with your business objectives to provide maximum ROI from your contingent workforce. The result is a solution built from the inside out that delivers tangible results. Outsourced workforce management allows your team to focus on essential work that helps them achieve business goals while our onsite staffing team focuses on optimizing your contingent workforce performance.

    Professional services

    Aveno Networks provides top-level contingent personnel to complement and enhance your existing staff. Our hiring philosophy is simple: If a team member doesn’t meet our high standards, they certainly won’t meet yours. We lead by example in the areas of systems integration, data warehousing, network engineering, database administration, and technical support. Understanding your goals allows a targeted searched for the best specialists available. With our vast network of technology experts, our refined list of candidates ensures that we exceed our client’s expectations. At Aveno Networks we pre-screen candidates in order to provide you with a technical specialist that will meet and exceed your expectations. We screen on a multitude of strengths, including the following:

    > Broad knowledge in infrastructure & applications

    > Cross-certified professionals

    > Flexibility

    > Technical expertise

      Service management

      Aveno Networks has a series of documents defining a framework of best practice approaches that facilitate delivery and management of high quality information technology (IT) services. Aligned with the international standard, ISO20000, they outline an extensive set of management procedures that support businesses in achieving financial quality and value in IT operations.

      The benefits of implementing service management processes in your organization include:

      •       Enhanced IT services through the use of proven best practices

      •       Increased service availability, leading to reduced reactive activity (firefighting)

      •       Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to

      service delivery

      •       Development of standards and guidance

      •       Increased productivity

      •       Improved use of skills and experience

      •       Improved delivery of third-party services through the specification of service management

      Successful implementation of service management requires collaboration, facilitation, team building and administrative support – areas in which Aveno Networks excels.

      We’re experts at guiding organizations through change.  We enable and optimize assessment, planning, and implementation of service management best practices. We can replace multiple processes – or no process at all – with the right framework and then help implement a more customer-oriented and business-oriented approach that focuses less on product and more on providing high-quality, efficient IT services.


      Managed security

      Without proper firewall protection, even the highest quality servers leave your critical company data extremely vulnerable and easily compromised. Aveno Networks managed firewall services provide the best protection possible for your servers, applications and data, ensuring constant protection and availability while still containing your overall costs. And with 24x7 monitoring and support provided by our Security Specialists, you can rest easy knowing that you are not alone in caring for the security of your data. Using clustered enterprise-level  firewalls managed by our Security Specialists, Aveno Networks Shared Data Center Firewall solution is a secure, reliable and cost effective way to provide managed firewall protection for your hosted servers. Our unique approach to firewall management provides secure segmentation between customers, prevents unauthorized access and offers the flexibility to handle multi-tiered implementations without the cost of a dedicated firewall solution. 


      Cloud services

      Aveno Networks provides fully managed cloud services and the expertise to provide an easy and reliable route to the cloud. Our best-in-class solutions help you address the toughest IT challenges, find new efficiencies and deliver the best application experience possible. Not all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are created equal. Our 99.99% uptime guarantee is one of the best on the market.  Regulatory certifications come standard. Aveno Networks governance, compliance and security architectures are customized to meet and exceed your industry requirements – with high system performance and data integrity. Public or private? Yes to both. Aveno Networks hybrid cloud delivers mission-critical applications in our virtual private cloud and leverages public clouds for solutions with less stringent needs. Fast, friendly service. An assigned contact person. Technical support when you need it. At Aveno, customer satisfaction comes first. Why reinvent the cloud that works? Aveno Networks Partner Program offers the operations, technical, sales and marketing tools to quickly transition your business applications to the cloud.

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      Our Technology consulting services are designed to assist small and mid-size organizations to leverage the power of automated solutions to foster business growth and enhance operations.

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