Datacenter andCloud

Datacenter andCloud

We offer the best business solutions using innovative technology that empowers our clients and their team.

Datacenter andCloud

Like our hybrid cloud offerings, Aveno Networks maintains a Carrier-Class mission-critical colocation and data center services, we also understand that as technology evolves, so do the requirements and needs of our clients. Through our Enterprise-Class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, Aveno Networks is the ideal solution for organizations wishing to reduce upfront capital expenses, increase speed to market, and focus on their business and driving innovation, rather than physical infrastructure management.  By utilizing our mission-critical data center expertise, Aveno Networks utilizes VMware virtualization software, as well as Microsoft software to offer clients an IaaS compute and storage platform that can be seamlessly integrated with their dedicated colocation cabinets, cages and suites. Clients can deliver products and services to their end-users through the cloud while running their back-end systems on dedicated colocation infrastructure. This unified computing environment empowers clients to further maximize compute efficiencies, while better managing costs and capacity planning.  The end result is  offers high availability, consistent performance, strong security, and excellent customer service while allowing clients to configure their Virtual Machines (CPU, Memory, Network) as they choose and on-demand.

Key Advantages:

    > No Oversubscription (Reserved RAM and Storage)

    > Enterprise-Class SAN-based Storage and redundancy between datacenters

    > High Performance Bandwidth (Multiple Tier-4 Network Service Provider Partners)

    > Standard and Customizable Configurations Available

    > On-Demand Configuration and Deployment in Minutes

    > Monthly and Hourly Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

    > 1000GB Outbound Bandwidth Included

    > Support for Multiple Public IP Addresses

    > Seamless Integration with Dedicated Colocation Environments

    > Automated Recovery Options

    > 24/7 Expert Technical Support

    > SSAE16 Compliant

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We offer the best business solutions using innovative technology that empowers our clients and their team.
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